Pacific Little Secret

Pacific Little Secret is a private and exclusive beach resort in Talicud Island, Samal. We took a one-hour boat ride from Sta. Ana Wharf, Davao City. One can not go to this resort without any prior reservation.

When me and my friends arrived, I must say, that the resort is OURS, at most a day. Only us (and some caretakers).


The whole area is quite big, ideal for company family reunions or company team-building. The beach is just fair but the amenities are decent. We can do anything we want here. We can also bring food and drinks with no corkage.


Screen Captures

This beach resort has particularly lots of trees and grasses. It is like a hidden garden with cool wind from the beach.


An open cabana with three fairly large beds which front view seeing the sea and its horizon.

My most favorite spot in the resort. And this is where I slept during the night 🙂

A perfect view from the top of the open cabana and breeze brushes your face. It is so relaxing with some music.

my view when I woke up in the morning
where we were drinking during the night

Pillows and linens are provided. There are also hammocks if you wanna chill during siesta. There are a dozen or more reclining chairs with mattresses which we used for additional sleeping beds.

Screen Captures1
Tilapia, cucumber salad and mixed veggies

They have a functional dirty kitchen with stove, cookwares, dishes, utensils, chest freezer and food serving tables and chairs. They also provided us ice cubes. So, basically everything is there. Just bring food and drinks.

caught my friend paddling on a fisherman’s boat

*A flat fee of 6,000php per overnight stay starting from 7 AM to 3 PM the next day, limited to 15 guests only. A 250php surcharge will be assessed each head in excess of 15. 150php per hour usage fee for electricity if requested between 0600 AM to 0300 PM. Public electricity in Talicud is available only beginning 0300 PM to 0100 AM. Our back up generator will provide free electricity from 0100 AM to 0500 AM.






5 thoughts on “Pacific Little Secret”

  1. The pictures, wiev and meals are lookng perfect. The only thing i wanna say everything as magnificient as owner of the blog. Thanks Kai…

  2. very informative blog. I want to ask if they have garden or wider space for a wedding reception or ceremony? Im so inlove with the place and i want to rent for my wedding..Awaiting for a response. thank you

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